atelier GENMAI DECAF | RICE COFFEE | Made in Japan

The harsh winter and Heartwarming local cuisine


The Sea of Japan in the raging winter. Overcast skies. Winter thunder, which is rare in the world. Rice fields in Shonai covered with snow. Rest until next season. On days of snowstorms that block visibility, it’s hard to tell whether it’s a road or a rice field. During the freezing cold days, Shonai’s local specialty will warm you to the core. “Dongara-jiru” soup – cooked whole simmering seasonal cod from head to tail. Adds tofu and green onions in a pot with miso and sake lees. Natto soup made by adding mashed natto to miso soup. The thicken soup will warm your body. Sprinkle the seaweed on the soup. It a good scent of the beach. A variety of pickles, including bright pink pickles pickled in sweet vinegar, and hot Shonai rice will help you overcome the harsh winter.