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Sacred peak – Mt. Gassan and Abundant Water Sources


A mountain located almost in the center of Yamagata Prefecture. Mt. Gassan with an altitude of 1984m. It boasts one of the highest snowfalls in Japan. Eventually, it becomes a large amount of melted snow, creating a rich water source. A vast virgin beech forest called a natural dam. The chirping of wild birds heard in the fresh greenery soothes the hearts of visitors. Mt. Gassan is a popular spot for trekking. Many rare alpine plants on the route to reach the summit. Many kinds of lovely flowers are blooming in the remaining snow. Along with the scattered small lakes, it attracts visitors. Mt. Gassan Shrine sits on the summit. On sunny days, you can see the Sea of Japan and the Shonai Plain from the summit. Some climbers visit several times a year to enjoy the changing seasons.