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Shugendo – Mt. Haguro On a journey of rebirth


2446 stone steps. A mysterious row of cedar that is over 300 years old. Mt. Haguro in the Shonai region. A long time ago, Prince Hachiko was led by a three-legged crow, the Yatagarasu, to this place. At the end of his training, he founded the ”Dewa Sanzan”, which symbolizes the present (Mt. Haguro), the past (Mt. Gassan), and the future (Mt. Yudono). It means ”rebirth”. As a place of mountain worship centered on Shugendo, many mountaineers and tourists still visit today. Indescribably beautiful five-storied pagoda in the middle of the approach. The shrine – “Hagurosan Sanjin Gosaiden” at the summit is dedicated to the three gods of “Dewa Sanzan”. At the temple lodgings and inns at the foot of the Mt. Haguro, you can eat traditional Buddhist cuisine.