atelier GENMAI DECAF | RICE COFFEE | Made in Japan

Enjoy local cuisine and new rice under the clear autumn sky


Covers rice fields covered with golden ears of rice. Locusts are flying around, and cosmos called “autumn cherry blossoms” are blooming. Farmers have grown rice with great care. Harvest with a combine. After passing the quality inspections, it is finally shipped to the market. The newly harvested rice is plump and glossy. Miso soup with taro is a staple of autumn. It’s “imoni soup”. Stews taro, root vegetables, and meat in miso. Residents eat it in a group in the open air. The clear blue sky. The beautiful autumn leaves. And rice balls made by new rice. In October, the Tundra Swans come flying to spend the winter. Winter is just around the corner when you see them picking up fallen ears in rice fields all over Shonai.