atelier GENMAI DECAF | RICE COFFEE | Made in Japan


Genmai Decaf


These are atelier-proud original blends combining different kinds of Genmai with pursuit of the taste.

Mt. Gassan

Gassan Blend

Mild taste for black decaf

Mt. Gassan is the main peak of the Three Mountains of Dewa called Dewa-Sanzan and surrounded by beautiful beech forest. This is based on rice from Yamagata with the sweetness and flavor of rice.

Mt. Chokai

Chokaizan Blend

Strong taste is matched with milk or soymilk.

Chokaizan, a majestic mountain towering between Yamagata to Akita. This is a full body based on rice from Yamagata and Akita prefecture. Good for a caffe latte.


Genmai Decaf is made from different local rice in Japan. We hope you find your favorite blend as the taste differs subtly depending on the blend.

Pure sweetness and mild aroma

Mild acidity, moderately bitterness and body

Sophisticated sweetness and aroma by rice for sake

Flavorful by rice for sake

A brand rice of Yamagata
Well-balanced flavor

Mild, well-balanced and less acidity

Pure sweetness of the rice with strong aroma

Roasty aroma like the smell of charcoal

Aroma, body and strong acidity

Smooth and rich flavor

Aromatic and accent of acidity

Sharp bitterness, acidity and body

Fruity flavor after well-balanced taste


Sweets made from ground Genmai Decaf or rice flour are popular products in our atelier.

Genmai Forentine

Genmai Florentine

Plenty of nuts and roasting whole brown rice

A roasted whole Genmai in this florentine with roasting flavor and good texture.
Have a nice coffee time with the flavor of plenty of nuts and caramel.

Genmai Cookie

Snowball Cookie

Made from rice flour with melt-in-your-mouth and flaky texture

Try the flaky texture!
This is healthy and gluten-free sweets with rice flour.

Genmai decaf butter caramel

Butter Caramel

Flaky and melting. Bittersweet and luscious texture.

Made by simmering down thoroughly by hand adding plenty of butter, sugar and Genmai Decaf.
Individually wrapped raw caramel with addictive texture.

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