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The emotional fireworks festival in Shonai


Fireworks festivals are one of the summer traditions in Japan.
Every summer, fireworks festivals are held all over the country.
The Akagawa Fireworks Memorial Festival held in the Shonai region is one of the most popular fireworks festivals in Japan.
The attraction is the fusion of fireworks and music.
For this reason, it is famous as a “moving fireworks festival”.
The box seats, which you can see up close, are sold out as soon as the sales start.
When the fireworks are launched, you can feel the dynamism of the fireworks as you feel the thud vibration through your body.
Even if you are far from the venue, you can watch the fireworks from the rice paddy roads here and there while listening to the radio broadcast.
The fireworks in Shonai bringing tears with emotion.
Please take a look at it up close.