atelier GENMAI DECAF | RICE COFFEE | Made in Japan

The Shonai Plain, enriched by Japan’s largest beech forest


Tiny reddish-brown beech bud scales scattered on the white snow. The spring scenery of Mt. Gassan, which is said to be “snow autumn leaves”. A swamp nestled in a virgin beech forest. On sunny days, the fresh green of the beech trees reflected in the marsh is beautiful. This beech forest is so vast that it is said to be the largest in Japan. It is an important source of water that irrigates the Shonai Plain. Beech leaves soaked with rainwater fall to the ground. Water slowly seeps into the soil from fallen leaves. The water eventually turns into subsoil water, then becomes groundwater flow, and seeps out into rivers and valleys. Tasty, cool, clean water. With this blessing of nature, farmers continue to grow delicious rice right now.