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Delicious rice production area – Shonai region


A vast rural landscape. Golden ears of rice sway gently in the wind. 1 hour by plane from Tokyo to the north. The destination is Yamagata Prefecture in the Tohoku region. The Shonai region, which is the only region facing the Sea of Japan, is located in the northwestern part of it. To the north is Mt. Chokai, also known as Dewa Fuji, to the east is the three mountains of Dewa (Mt. Gassan, Mt. Yudono, and Mt. Haguro), and to the south is the forest of the Asahi mountains, facing the Sea of Japan to the west. Shonai is famous nationwide as a production area of delicious rice with abundant water. In recent years, the brands of [YUKIWAKAMARU] and [TSUYAHIME] have been featured in the media. Please visit Shonai, which is full of attraction.